The Standards of the Charter for Permanent Peace


Consider that the world is undergoing major changes unseen in a thousand years, with the development of devastating new secret weapons accelerating constantly. Every place from the seabed to outer space is a battlefield, and war has become an unavoidable destiny for humanity. Once war begins, the end may be devastation. Thus the "Permanent Peace Partnership/ Permanent Peace Development Association" (hereinafter, the Association), in order to seek permanent world peace and safeguard the common interests and values of humanity, has integrated the legal wisdom accumulated by humanity over thousands of years with an authoritative world peace proclamation. This approach uses comparative scientific methods , analysis, statistics and induction, to gain the greatest consensus on justice for humanity, and we propose 28 principles as a ‘Magna Carta for Permanent Peace’ to promote the draft of International Standards (ISO) (hereinafter, “the Constitution”). Before it is too late , and without involving any national name or territory, or any international understandings , we offer this "people"-oriented document to seek the support of the legislatures of democratic countries or others with significant international influence to sign on or pass laws in support of the constitution of Asia-Pacific nations or autonomous bodies. One part may be added as a peace clause, and models for permanent peace systems can be developed at different speeds through voluntary cooperation. This will attract people living under oppression to bravely pursue permanent peace and become an integral part of the world. This will be the ultimate standard for enhancing world peace at the lowest cost and lowest risk and with the longest timeliness and greatest effect:

1. The Natural Law, Truth and Jurisprudence of Permanent Peace: Ultimately, we humans have only two paths to the future: peace or destruction. With endless development of nuclear and chemical weapons , once nuclear or chemical warfare erupts everything will be burnt to ashes, confirming that peace is the ultimate and the only eternal truth , the life and the way forward. Peace must be permanent, otherwise it is no more than a ceasefire or armistice. Peace cannot be maintained forever by force alone. History has shown repeatedly that no matter how powerful an empire may be, all wars or battles will eventually return to the field of domestic "system performance". This battle will be carried out, the standards will be verified and the country’s ability to control chaos will be determined. In order to verify the merits of this constitution, more than 300,000 major news items have been diagnosed and addressed in the past 30 years, and rewards have been set up to attract new solutions for this Alliance . We hope that people can also change themselves and act to change society, and promote the ideal world of “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno (One for all, all for one), based on the human rationality of "immutable, eternal, universal and inevitable", to give birth to One Solar System and One Set of Permanent Peace systems ;

2. Hierarchy of the Legal System of Permanent Peace: In accordance with the eternal order of the universe, "One Solar System and One Legal System—that is, global (multiple/common) laws and global villagers, all of whom are equal before the law, forming a unity of natural right, truth and jurisprudence . When truth and jurisprudence conflict with national conditions and people’s conditions , what must be adjusted is national conditions and people’s conditions rather than truth and jurisprudence; when jus cogens conflicts with international law, it is international law that needs to be adjusted; when international law conflicts with domestic law, domestic law must be adjusted . The order of legal hierarchy (Fig. 2) shall be followed to maintain peace, and the essentials for the advancement of human civilization are the cornerstones of emotions and all development with foreign countries. For this reason, we aim at “A Better Me, A Better We and A Better World” in formulating this model of democracy and rule of law, in order to achieve a joint community with a shared future for humanity. We stand before history and humanity to propose a global constitution that will achieve permanent peace through voluntary cooperation and at different speeds;

3. Requirements for Implementing the Permanent Peace Act: This constitution is based on a "Supranational level" (international) organization with "people" as its subject , and global governance in accordance with the UN Charter ↹ "National level" ↹ "Sub-national level" (State, Province, District, Republic) and other multi-level connections. It is applicable to any nation, confederation or federal autonomous body (similar to the US, Germany and Argentina with state constitutions and provincial constitutions. For example, Tibet, Xinjiang, Mongolia, Hong Kong and China’s administrative regions can display their own characteristic provincial or regional autonomy charters), sharing the basic principles of the universal constitution: (1) Schutzklausen (Safeguard clauses) to protect the basic rights of people; (2) Bindungsklausen (Binding clauses) ~ compel the government to make things right, rather than let them remain wrong; (3) Verfassungsauftrag (Empowerment clauses) / Constitutional mandates ~ stipulate that legislators are empowered by the Constitution and international law to formulate laws, (4) Programmsätze (Program sentences)/ Staatszielbestimmung (Determination of national goals)~~ these clearly state that policies should be consistent with Permanent Peace for humanity and sustainable development on the earth; the same as the kingdom’s realms of truth, goodness, beauty, and sanctity. The Charter will be presented to the world forever as a "Constitution of Constitutions", "Morality of Moralities", "Faith of all Faiths" and "Fraternity of all Fraternity" ; the eternal truth is hereby presented to the world; offering natural provisions that reveal the secrets of heaven (basic law provisions for natural human rights) in the law. In the boundless human system, this shall become an irreplaceable eternal Great Law, universally adopted and effectively obeyed in the processes of global civilization;

4. Requirements for the operation of a constitutional government of Permanent Peace: (1) The operating procedures of this constitution are applicable to all governments and affiliated agencies (figure at right); (2) Inspect validity: diagnose major global news linked to this constitution, to increase wisdom and discover new truths. Over the past 50 years, hundreds of thousands of problems and solutions have been accumulated (see the official website of this Alliance); (3) Feasibility review: Take an authoritarian country as an example. Under this order, it can directly transition to adopt and seamlessly integrate these constitutional standards (ISO), and all civil servants will complete their term of office. Detailed rules will be negotiated by the central government and local governments. (4) Rule of law is an integral part of humanity: It integrates human laws and authoritative world peace proclamations , allowing people to compare the advantages and disadvantages of all laws using their mobile phones. They can then select the laws best suited to their needs (see this association's database). Add to this the necessary conditions for creating permanent peace, and you and I can be peace-making tools and naturally become high-end peacemakers and perfect citizens of the world. This will overturn the threat of nuclear war in one fell swoop, and you and I will become integral citizens of the world , overturning the danger of nuclear war in one fell swoop to become integral members of the world; (5) We shall sustain the operation of this charter until it proves to be most worthy of global support for thousands of years, a Great Law of Heaven and Earth to be defended with human lives;

5. Realize the Ideal of this Constitution, taking “individuals” as an example: (1) Throughout history, in all wars the ruler is the sword and the people are fish. (2) Politically, all wars are political tools, and all politics must achieve political goals and control people's livelihoods through the constitution. (3) On the Constitution--The Constitution is the soul of the people, the soul of the country, the general will of the people, and a personal protection order. "Do not be afraid of not knowing the goods, but rather afraid of comparing goods" . Use mobile phones to compare the advantages and disadvantages of all nations’ laws and choose the best , to thereby become a great politician and grand strategist. In one second, you will enhance the dignity and value of your personality and nationality . (4) Human rights—all laws of the world are ultimately intended to protect human rights. Human rights are inherent rights, not bestowed by those in power. (5) The right to draft a constitution is a reserves the preferential rights for human rights . It belongs to the people unconditionally and is gained at birth, and when direct civil rights referendums take effect ; anyone who abandons autonomous constitutional draft rights to be formulated by others, will oneself be a scarecrow with body but no soul. (6) Righteousness—Press forward with global governance and promote a global constitution, justice and responsiveness. (7) People are the starting point, spreading to cuts in global defense budgets by forging swords into plowshares and eliminating wars, viruses, pollution and poverty;

6. Realize the Ideal of this Constitution- taking "territory" as an example: If Taiwan wants to be free of its fate as eternally futile pariahs/cannon fodder , it has an unavoidable duty to save the East’s freedom, democracy, human rights and rule of law. Just add the "Permanent Peace Clause" to the current constitution and innovate and develop a grand strategy for peaceful development. Introduce the best legal system and high-end human elites that humanity has evolved over the past millennia, to drive the economy and trade and science and culture industries to form a joint global community of interests in a community of common destiny. Implement government of the people, by the people and for the people, not of the party, by the party, for the party. Let everyone see "human dignity and value" ,: the result will be a chain reaction effect and the driving force of wave spread , which will lead to integration and development of states, provinces and districts, seamlessly incorporating this charter . No fighting is involved, the cost is minimal and the risk is the smallest, while the timeliness is the longest, and the effectiveness is without parallel. Before it is too late, and without invoking national names or territory, national races or international understandings, this will help Taiwan, the beacon of Asian democracy in the wind, become a rising sun in the East, as “the eternal beacon of the East, the eternal compass of Asia” for countless generations, as our once-and-for-all peace contribution to the world:

The Standards of the Charter for Permanent Peace (ISO Model Draft)

Two Key Concepts of Permanent Peace and Development

1. Create a world under the rule of law for humanity's permanent peace , and promote the International Standards (ISO) for constitutional functions.

2. Create an institutional organization for sustainable development of the earth and promote the International Standards (ISO) of government functions.

Twenty-Eight Principles—Standards for Permanent Peace (aka The 228 Charter)

Introduction: (1) Each of the following items is a sufficient and necessary condition and element for Permanent Peace and a prerequisite for constitutional interpretation.。

(2) If you are willing to help revise this constitution, please provide your reasons and countermeasures; this Alliance will purchase intellectual property rights at high prices.。

(3) Please understand that the problems of reforming democratic politics, party politics, black gold politics, media politics and dictatorship politics will inevitably be resisted by celebrities, authoritarian agents, the ignorant and anti-democracy vested interests.。

(4) Please believe in yourself, and make good use of your mobile phone for just one second to compare the laws accumulated by humanity over thousands of years. Then you can choose the laws best suited to your needs and increase your wisdom, discover new truths and deliver greater value.。

(5) Contrast these 28 principles for nation-building with the laws and documents held by the US: the 228 Charter is equal in every way (See Table nn, Attachment ?) 。


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Chapter One. Permanent Peace - Rights and Duties of the People

Article 1. Permanent Peace “Standards of Freedom”

1. Freedom as the Foundation of Nation Building : Ensure "human dignity, universal values, information and truth, and media freedom ” as necessary conditions for all nations' Permanent Peace, security and stability, as well as development, truth, justice, morality and faith.

2. Freedom to Save the World : To protect personality rights, universal values, permanent peace and sustainable development of the time/contents of elections and referendums similar to Switzerland or California—areas with the highest per capita income.

3. Enhance Freedom : To ensure "political integrity". All electronic media shall provide at least one hour a week of free time for participants in elections. The main political parties have exclusive radio stations , and local media should follow similar procedures.

4. Defense of Freedom : Freedom comes at a cost. Any action which abuses freedom of speech, misuses the media, spreads false information, or attacks with intent to harm the liberal democratic order shall be forbidden. Voting should be mandatory in all congressional elections.

Article 2. Permanent Peace of “Standards of Democracy”

5. Democracy as the Foundation of Nation Building : Vote to resolve social contradictions: reconcile the irreconcilable, combine contradictions and synthesize opposition. The length of voting intervals determines the strength of contradictions. Vote to guarantee a basic income for all.

6. Democracy to Save the World : Democracy is an essential element of peace. To enhance the competitiveness of leaders and safeguard the kinetic energy of high-end national powers, it is agreed that citizens of any fully-democratic nation have the right to join in the election of leaders at all levels in accordance with the law.

7. Enhance democracy : Participants in politics should pass the graded exams for constitutional and international law, with question banks published globally one year in advance. The global spread of permanent peace by all citizens is worthy of the merit accorded for compulsory service/promotion among military and public education personnel.

8. Office Term of Governors : The elected leader shall serve for five years, and is not allowed to hold a position with the original authority for five years after leaving the office. No constitutional amendment meant to change the term of office or necessary conditions for permanent peace shall be accepted.

Article 3. Permanent Peace of “Standards of Human Rights”

9. Human Rights as the Foundation of Nation Building : Create life values, construct constitutional standards, improve resource allocation and advance Permanent Peace—these are the most sacred rights of the people and the most urgent obligations of the nation.

10. Human Rights to Save the World : Human rights issues are global internal affairs . The right of a safe environment, the right to peace, and the right of sustainable development are basic human rights standards for the natural law, and legislatures shall not pass any law designed to limit or deprive the world of human rights standards.

11. Enhance human rights : Human rights take precedence over sovereignty . The right to draft a constitution is an a priori right of human rights. It belongs to the people unconditionally, always lies with the people, and it cannot be transferred. A constitution that has not been approved in a domestic referendum shall be invalid ab initio.

12. National Separation of Powers : Separation of powers of voting rights acts to protect human rights , and is directly responsible to the voters~ The heads of central and local executive, procuratorial and judicial agencies shall be elected annually, and elected representatives should face elections at mid-term.

13. International Decentralization : Community with shared future for mankind — one-half of the members of the Human Rights Action and Citizenship Exercise Committee shall be appointed by international human rights organizations and have all the personnel rights of the National Communications Commission in accordance with the law.

Article 4. Permanent Peace “Standards of Rule of Law”

14. Rule of Law as the Foundation of Nation Building : Compile all laws into one set of laws. International law shall take precedence over domestic law with direct impact on the rights and duties of the people . All laws of all nations shall be incorporated into domestic law, which will be of universal value , allowing people according to law to choose the laws best suited to their needs.

15. Rule of Law to Save the World : Nations shall act in accordance with jus cogens and international law as a national obligation. No state is allowed to violate international law on the grounds that it is not a signatory or that it contravenes domestic law, unless the domestic laws contain more favorable provisions.

16. Enhance Rule of Law : Evolve from a nation ruled by law to a world ruled by law. This will include a universal parliament which does not distinguish between enemies and friends, accepting one citizen from each nation in parliament as a representative of their nation in accordance with the law. This does not include the right to vote on bills not directly related to their home country.

17. Constitutional Guarantees : Globalization of constitutionalization; localization of constitutionalization; modernization of constitutional interpretation; and accountability for constitutional violations. The president, representatives of public opinion, and military, public, religious or religious “leaders” all serve as guarantors of the Constitution.

18. Defense of Peace : Any person preparing to commit an offense specified in any words and/or deeds that obviously endanger national security or advocate or incite or offer comfort or help to the enemy, or crimes against peace, or crimes involving international law, should be prevented and banned.

Chapter Two. Permanent Peace - National Basic Organization

Article 5. Permanent Peace “Standards for Concurrent Legislative Powers”

19. Global Legislation : Global Concurrent Legislative Powers ~ National and sub-national levelsshall have legislative jurisdiction only where similar laws have not been enacted at the supranational level . Standardized Transformation—Integrate All Laws of All Nations.

20. National Legislation : Ensure that the law serves to promote the dignity and value of all people of all nations. The legislature shall have a functioning third-party mechanism of checks and balances. Sixty days before each annual re-election, the global comparative ranking of the operations of each department shall be publicly announced.

21. Regional Legislation : Under this Charter, subnational autonomy and foreign relations must not lag behind other countries . Lawmakers shall serve a term of two years . Grassroots public opinion has the right to reach the legislature and be heard at legislative and international levels.

Article 6. Permanent Peace “Standards for Concurrent Administrative Powers”

22. Global Administration : Implement a global governance system. Global Concurrent Administrative Powers ~ when performing missions for the UN or other international organizations, domestic governments at all levels shall serve as internationally-empowered executive agencies.

23. National Administration : Everyone is the master of the country and the president of the president; the President is directly elected; the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers must be native born and have a public opinion base; the Prime Minister oversees government operations and is in charge of national defense.

24. Local Administration : States, provinces, and districts at the subnational level are all public legal persons that are one of the main bodies in the global governance system. All local legislative, executive, judicial, social, economic, language and cultural operations shall enjoy complete autonomy.

Article 7. Permanent Peace “Standards for Judicial Prosecution”

25. Judicial Prosecutors : Ensure procedural justice. The procuratorate shall be independent and headed by a chief elected by the people. Local chief prosecutors and deputy prosecutors are elected using one-vote balloting, and first and second deputies will be ranked according to the number of votes received. If the investigation has been completed, the local chief prosecutor and deputy prosecutors shall decide together whether to initiate a prosecution or not.

26. Judicial Prosecution : Ensure that no one is above or exempt from international law and no one is not protected by the law. Implementation of justice projects shall follow the priorities according to legal rankings, and the prevention, discovery and prosecution of crimes and a trial ruling prediction system shall be extended.

Article 8. Permanent Peace “Standards for Judicial Trials”

27. Open Justice : Judicial independence, the heads of judicial agencies are elected by the people and are directly responsible to the people. International law receives the highest priority. Half of all judges shall come from the six continents of the world and all shall have lifetime tenure; and constitutional amendments cannot be accepted.

28. Open Constitution : Ensure permanent peace and global constitutional agreement as well as global review of unconstitutional laws. Exclude laws that are unconstitutional or violate international law; if no remedy exists, everyone in the world has the right to resist.


Expecting revision: Before it is too late, quickly establish a great cause for the people, a great love for mankind, a great law for the world, a great virtue for all generations, and promote a global constitution . Thus "the only cure for the ills of democracy is more democracy". We aim to achieve the world's greatest consensus through comparison, promoting a system of truth, goodness and beauty for permanent peace. Detailed rules will be worked out by judges.

Looking forward to support: When support comes from by various countries, it will develop and grow rapidly. The 4.5 billion people who are not free in Asia will lose only the iron curtain and chains and the violence and lies that oppress them. There will be no other losses: everyone will achieve self-realization , living and working in peace and contentment, and acting as the leader of a peaceful and rich land. In the torrent of history, the law of eternal peace will reveal the secrets of heaven to become the "ultimate system" that mankind can trust and pursue.



NGO Asia-Pacific Permanent Peace Alliance (Taiwan MOI Group approval letter no. 1090281390)

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mentor of Asia-Pacific Permanent Peace Alliance

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