Permanent Peace Partnership
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The Road to Truth in Life for All Humans The Charter for Permanent Peace

Ultimately we humans have only two paths to the future: peace and destruction. In the face of an ever-changing world and unchecked nuclear weapons, once nuclear warfare breaks out, everything would soon become ashes. This shows that peace is life — that is, truth; permanent peace is eternal truth and the Charter for Permanent Peace is the eternal road to truth in life. It will lead humankind to end foreign troubles, to eliminate nuclear dictatorships and to embark on the path to eternal happiness.

This road to life and truth must constantly be maintained by the people forever; it needs common law so that the people will be stirred to compare the advantages and disadvantages of universal law, increase wisdom, discover truth, honor value, and build a system for the world’s 249 entities. Any political entity can utilize the peace system for a long time; and by applying the ISO’s cyclical update, standardization and integration, attain continuous improvements in the quality of constitutions (Figure 1)

This Charter (aka the 228 Charter) offers broad-based democratic freedom that will remove the shackles of those still suffering under dictatorships. With that, the more than 2/3 of the world’s people suppressed in Taiwan and the world will lose the chains and iron curtains as well as the violence and lies that consign them to being second-class citizens and international orphans. Others will lose nothing, instead growing rich and healthy, and all will achieve self-realization, living and working in peace and contentment, for generations to come.

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