Permanent Peace Partnership
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Our Path to the Truth : A Guide for Taiwan, China and All Nations; The Charter for Permanent Peace:The System to Preside the World

In the end, we humans only have two paths to the future: peace and destruction. Faced with endless development of nuclear weapons, once nuclear war breaks out everything will turn into ash, and it will take thousands of years to recover. Therefore we declare that peace is life, the truth, and the only absolute truth, and all the highest truths of : justice and morality; politics and economics; thought and faith; philosophy and science; and metaphysics.

Perpetual peace is eternal truth. The Charter for Permanent Peace is the eternal road of truth. It is the way for humankind to reach the truth, to end external disorder and internal problems, avoid nuclear warfare, and move towards long-term happiness. The country that has formulated a permanent peace charter is bound to serve as the sun for all humankind, and it will illuminate all the darkness throughout the world. It shall also be the most devoted strategic partner for the United Nations.

This road to truth in life, in principle, requires humankind to permanently repair and deepen and consolidate it. Its methodology is to compare the advantages and disadvantages of domestic laws and universal methods (See the database of this Association) to increase wisdom, discover truth and honor value. It will form a peace system in which 244 political entities around the world can function on a long-term basis, becoming a new peremptory norms (mandatory law) under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (Article 64).

This peace system, whether it is called the Charter for Permanent Peace or the Absolute Law (Mandatoriness) / the Eternal Law (Time) / the Law of the Sun (Space) /or the World Law (System), will act to liberate those still shackled under the 50 authoritarian regimes that remain today. Thus more than two-thirds of the world’s suppressed people have nothing to lose but their chains and iron curtains, and in return they will acquire the unity of humankind — harmony and common prosperity, and living together in truth — practicing the true meaning of life.

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