Participate and win a reward for improving the best peace system for humanity 

We would like to invite any nation or state, state, province, district or republic that can provide a better solution for the establishment of permanent peace and development to join us. The rewards are as follows: 

1. Over the last fifty years, in order to examine the Charter, we have covered more than 300,000 important news and various international issues. After extensive research, our organization has provided various solution for various issues. Therefore, anyone who offers a better solution than one mentioned above for various international issues will be rewarded with NT$10,000 (US$300) for each solution.

2. Anyone who revises and offers a better solution for the 28 principles mentioned in the Charter for Permanent Peace will receive a reward of NT$100,000 (US$30,000) for each principle accepted.

3. Any proposed amendment to the eight sub-systems of this Charter: namely, the four universal values of freedom, democracy, human rights and legal system, and the four national organizations of legislation, administration, procuratorial and justice that replace the current proposition with a better solution will be rewarded NT$1,000.000 (US$30,000). 

4. Anyone who revises various articles of this constitution to make it more viable and conducive to implementation of this Charter will be rewarded NT$10,000 to 100,000 (US$300 – 3,000) for each article accepted. 

5. For those who wish to participate as drafters, promoters or disseminators of this Charter for Permanent Peace, please contact us.

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