• Eight Constitutional Standards Essential for A Country’s Eternal Peace:
  • 1. The great development of human freedom
  • 2. The great rejuvenation of world democracy
  • 3. The great unity of human rights in the world
  • 4. The great realization of the rule of law in the world
  • 5. The great competition and cooperation of world legislation
  • 6. The great division of world administration
  • 7. The great compliance with world regulations
  • 8. The great establishment of world justice
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Laws that are not backed by penalties are not laws, and a constitution that does not brook resistance is not a constitution. When the actions of the president are unconstitutional, the people should exercise their right to resist. The people of Venezuela need to call for comprehensive constitutional reform to install a modified semi-presidential system with cabinet. The president should serve one 5-year term and be barred from running again for 6 years. For more, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development
Americans would do well to study Sweden's experience with referendums on public issues and carry out a paradigm shift in response. The Irish have the right to hold referendums and any motion prohibiting referendums on self-determination should be the subject of a referendum on whether the motion itself should be outlawed. Lawmakers should first establish a "Right of Creation" or "Referendum Act" on public issues such as voting rights and comprehensive constitutional reform. For details, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development
Constitutions represent the general will of the people, and ensuring human security, including "personal safety", is the most urgent duty of constitutional guarantors. This means revising constitutional standards as needed to keep pace with changing times and allow governments to protect their people from fear. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
Peace and stability in the South China Sea can only come when China and other nations take responsibility for maintaining good relations with their neighbors. The 2002 Declaration of South China Sea Parties, in particular Articles 4 and 6, calls for peaceful settlement of territorial and territorial disputes as well as joint development and sharing of resources to safeguard human peace and development in line with the UN Charter. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for more
The UN should provide Syria the basic outline for a constitution that will facilitate lasting peace and development. The constitution should include the universal values of freedom, democracy, human rights and rule of law, and organization and elements such as the four branches (legislative, executive, judicial and procuratorial). The document should allow Syria to prosper under conditions of lasting peace. For more, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
Residential security is a fundamental human right. All governments should take action to implement the UN-established goals for sustainable development goals in urban planning to achieve a tolerant, safe, flexible and sustainable urban environment. Adequate, safe and affordable housing with comprehensive basic services for all is essential for the sustainable development and management of human settlements. For more, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
Human security is a fundamental human right, and human rights take priority over regimes and sovereignty. Constitutions represent the general will of the people, and ensuring human security, including "personal safety", is the most urgent duty of constitutional guarantors. This means revising constitutional standards as needed to keep pace with changing times and allow governments to protect their people from fear. For more, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
Human security and sustainable development are two of the major tasks of the UN, and all nations – members or not – should comply with its norms. This entails implementing One World under One Set of Laws and giving international law precedence over domestic law, with direct bearing on the rights and duties of the people. All nations should comply with the UN Charter, the Paris climate agreement and all other relevant pacts. For details see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development. .
Jose Rizal, revered as the 'Father of the Philippines', once counseled: "Today's slaves often become tomorrow's tyrants; believe in the rule of law, not in the rule of man." China's constitution is dysfunctional, and constitutional reform is needed to install a modified semi-presidential system. The president and other key elected officials should be limited to a single 5-year term and banned along with relatives from running again for 6 years afterwards. And the heads of the four main government branches should be elected in alternating years. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for more.
A teenager has been killed in Venezuela during another day of mass protests against President Nicolas Maduro, officials say.
The presidential system is one of the worst aspects of democracy. No matter what the system may be, the more power held by the president, the more the country is likely to suffer. A law that is not backed by a penalty is not a law, and a constitution which does not recognize the right to resist is not a constitution. In Venezuela the people need to act as sovereigns and come forward to call for comprehensive constitutional reform. This should include a modified semi-presidential system with cabinet and restriction of the president to a single 5-year term with no right to run again for 6 years afterwards. For more, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
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