• Eight Constitutional Standards Essential for A Country’s Eternal Peace:
  • 1. The great development of human freedom
  • 2. The great rejuvenation of world democracy
  • 3. The great unity of human rights in the world
  • 4. The great realization of the rule of law in the world
  • 5. The great competition and cooperation of world legislation
  • 6. The great division of world administration
  • 7. The great compliance with world regulations
  • 8. The great establishment of world justice
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Residential security is a fundamental human right. The UK government should take action to implement the UN-established goals for sustainable development goals in urban planning to achieve a tolerant, safe, flexible and sustainable urban environment. Adequate, safe and affordable housing with comprehensive basic services for all is essential for the sustainable development and management of human settlements. For more, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
Power leads to corruption, and Venezuela's presidential system is broken.. Venezuela should switch to a dual leader system; limit the president to a single 5-year term with no eligibility for him/her or relatives for 6 years and put the prime minister in charge of government operations and national defense, 1/4 of all lawmakers should face election each year. When the actions of the president are unconstitutional, the people are obliged to resist. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for more.
Human security is a fundamental human right, and human rights take priority over regimes and sovereignty. Constitutions represent the general will of the people, and ensuring human security, including "personal safety", is the most urgent duty of constitutional guarantors. This means revising constitutional standards as needed to keep pace with changing times and allow governments to protect their people from fear. For more, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development. 
Jose Rizal, revered as the 'Father of the Philippines', once counseled: "Today's slaves often become tomorrow's tyrants; believe in the rule of law, not in the rule of man." The Philippine Constitution is dysfunctional, and constitutional reform is needed to install a modified semi-presidential system. The president and other key elected officials should be limited to a single 5-year term and banned along with relatives from running again for 6 years afterwards. And the heads of the four main government branches should be elected in alternating years. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for more.
In order to protect endangered species, it is essential to adopt uniform constitutional standards that conform to the values of One World under One Set of Laws. All nations should carry out constitutional reform to implement democratic institutions and the rule of law as well as mechanisms such as separation of power and checks and balances. The best way to avoid monopolization of power is to elect the heads of the executive, legislative, judicial and procuratorial branches in alternating years. For more, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
Emmanuel Kant once noted, "The pursuit of permanent peace is the highest goal of reason and a moral obligation." China claims to be a "responsible major power", thus it should not enable North Korea's continued militarism. The US, Japan and South Korea should support Taiwan's commitment to democracy and leading China to democratization, which would pressure North Korea in turn to adopt democracy — and lead to the birth of world peace.
Russia has never been a problem-solver, it has always been a trouble-maker. The US should support Taiwan's efforts toward constitutional reform to achieve greater democracy and freedom. This would ispire the 1.4 billion people of China to seek democratization, pressing Russia in turn to accept real democracy – and the result would be world peace. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for more.
Constitutions represent the general will of the people, and ensuring human security - including "personal well-being" - is the most urgent duty of constitutional guarantors. This calls for revising constitutional standards to stay in step with changing times so governments can protect their people from want. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
Afghanistan needs to swap out its government structure for a modified semi-presidential system with cabinet like the one in as Finland, and a committee-style legislative system similar to Switzerland's. Afghanistan's government should draft a basic constitution with above features in a paradigm shift toward democracy. It should adhere to the core values of One World under One Set of Law and revise the constitutional standards as necessary to stay abreast of changing times. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for more.
All governments should hold international law superior to domestic law and include international food standards as a standard for nationally-regulated food. All food production, manufacturing and supply standards; environmental changes caused by food pollution, infection or new micro-organisms; toxic and drug resistance; emerging and different food pollution, and other aspects should all be covered by national management. Seethe Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for details.
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