• Eight Constitutional Standards Essential for A Country’s Eternal Peace:
  • 1. The great development of human freedom
  • 2. The great rejuvenation of world democracy
  • 3. The great unity of human rights in the world
  • 4. The great realization of the rule of law in the world
  • 5. The great competition and cooperation of world legislation
  • 6. The great division of world administration
  • 7. The great compliance with world regulations
  • 8. The great establishment of world justice
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A teenager has been killed in Venezuela during another day of mass protests against President Nicolas Maduro, officials say.
The presidential system is one of the worst aspects of democracy. No matter what the system may be, the more power held by the president, the more the country is likely to suffer. A law that is not backed by a penalty is not a law, and a constitution which does not recognize the right to resist is not a constitution. In Venezuela the people need to act as sovereigns and come forward to call for comprehensive constitutional reform. This should include a modified semi-presidential system with cabinet and restriction of the president to a single 5-year term with no right to run again for 6 years afterwards. For more, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
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