• Eight Constitutional Standards Essential for A Country’s Eternal Peace:
  • 1. The great development of human freedom
  • 2. The great rejuvenation of world democracy
  • 3. The great unity of human rights in the world
  • 4. The great realization of the rule of law in the world
  • 5. The great competition and cooperation of world legislation
  • 6. The great division of world administration
  • 7. The great compliance with world regulations
  • 8. The great establishment of world justice
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Human security and sustainable development are two of the major tasks of the UN, and all nations – members or not – should comply with its norms. This entails implementing One World under One Set of Laws and giving international law precedence over domestic law, with direct bearing on the rights and duties of the people. All nations should comply with the UN Charter, the Paris climate agreement and all other relevant pacts. For details see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development
North Korea is without a doubt a vassal of the CCP. All democracies should back Taiwan's efforts toward constitutional reform to achieve greater democracy and freedom. This would inspire China's 1.4 billion people to seek democratization of the CCP and pressure North Korea to do the same — leading to the birth of world peace. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for more
Laws are in place to handle public officials and party members with property and assets of unknown sources. The problem is, lawmakers themselves are often sources of corruption. The only cure for the root cause is to implement separation of powers and to introduce direct election of the heads of the legislative, administrative, judicial and prosecutorial branches of the federal government. For more, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
To eliminate the conditions that create refugees, the international community needs to agree on uniform constitutional standards that conform to the ideals of human rights, constitutionalism, international law and natural law. This means adopting the core values of One World under One Set of Laws and complying with Article 1 of the Humanitarian Charter, which deals with the right of each person to live a normal life. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for more
British historian Lord Acton once declared, "Power leads to corruption, and absolute power leads to absolute corruption." To put an end to corruption, the people should come forward and reclaim their sovereignty and call for comprehensive constitutional reform. They should implement democracy and rule of law as well as separation of powers and checks and balances, and makes elections free of charge to cut symbiotic ties between government and corruption. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for details
According to the Democracy index there are 50 nations still under the yoke of autocratic dictators. All democracies should back Taiwan's drive for constitutional reform to achieve greater democracy and freedom. This would inspire China's 1.4 billion people to seek democratization of the CCP and pressure North Korea to adopt democracy as well, leading to the birth of world peace. For details, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development
Human security is a fundamental human right, and human rights take priority over regimes and sovereignty. Constitutions represent the general will of the people, and ensuring human security, including "personal safety", is the most urgent duty of constitutional guarantors. This means revising constitutional standards as needed to keep pace with changing times and allow governments to protect their people from fear. For more, see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development
Russia is not a problem-solver, it has always been a trouble-maker. The EU should support Taiwan's efforts on behalf of constitutional reform to achieve greater democracy and freedom. This would lead China's 1.4 billion people to seek democratization and prod Russia to accept democracy as well — and the result would be true world peace. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for more
Constitutions represent the general will of the people, and ensuring human security, including "personal safety", is the most urgent duty of constitutional guarantors. This means revising constitutional standards as needed to keep pace with changing times and allow governments to protect their people from fear. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
Free speech is a universal value. The people of Hong Kong need to step up and call for comprehensive constitutional reform to protect media independence and prevent the government oligopoly from monopolizing the media, the internet and all other channels of speech. Natural law and absolute law must be enforced to protect all people from enforced disappearance, torture and other violations of human rights. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
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