Part 2  The Charter for Permanent Peace – Official Provisions Drafted as [Special Clauses] for the current Constitution of [Taiwan]

Chapter 1  Standards for People's Rights and Obligations

Article 1  Freedom under Global Unity


Who has kidnapped our freedom and dignity? Who is suppressing our national sovereignty? Who is spending a lot of money on manipulating elections? Who is hollowing out the national treasury and colluding with foreign powers? Who is blocking our international relations and possibilities for development? Who is the enemy of our permanent peace and development? The answer is not “other people”. Rather, it is our "own" government, an institution funded by our taxpayers’ hard-earned money. This is not a specter from the past, it is still happening now.


The Charter for Permanent Peace / Universal Constitution for Human Beings / Strategic Constitution and Tactics  Article 1 Freedom under Unity- Standards of Freedom – this is mainly intended to address the general principles behind the Charter for Permanent Peace, namely, development and innovations of freedom, laying out basic constitutional principles to serve as guidelines, guarantee clauses, binding clauses and delegation clauses, elements that make up the core structure of the universal constitution, and places the ideals of a common destiny for all humankind firmly on the ground in [Taiwan]. These then will take root and grow into a model for a peaceful planet and system. According to the Freedom House Annual Report, the people in more than half of the countries around the world are not free. For this reason, the oppressed people of [Taiwan] and elsewhere, including the people of the 50 countries whose people are still constrained and shackled, have only their chains and iron curtains to lose. In return, they stand to gain the unfulfilled goal of the United Nations — Greater Freedom for Human Beings. The guidelines, methods and standards are summarized as follows:...more

Article 2  Global Democracy under Unity


Who is behind the internal and external blockades imposed on our nation and not leaving us a way forward? Who is usurping our human dignity and the sovereignty of our people? Who is colluding with totalitarian powers to tighten our chains and put us behind the iron gates of an authoritarian regime? Who will not let us take part in global governance? Who does not allow us to show that that we fully capable of functioning in global circles and selecting the good and capable for the public? Who is the enemy of permanent peace and development? The answer is not ‘someone else’. Rather, it is the “party”: the ruling party that is supported by the hard-earned wages of our taxpayers.


The Charter for Permanent Peace / Universal Constitution for Human Beings / Strategic Constitution and Tactics Article 2 Global Democracy under Unity- this is mainly intended to address that the era when the process of human civilization will spread throughout the global village has come. Therefore, global government of the world and the family of human beings is a workable goal realization and must be achieved. This political entity shall both interpret and enforce international law.

In fact, global government has simply added one administrative level above existing states. Most people would consider such international agencies as the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the International Criminal Police Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the Universal Postal Union, the International Olympic Committee, the International Hydrographic Organization and the World Conservation Union, as well as various supra-national groups including the European Union, the African Union, the Organization of American States, the Union of South American Nations, and ASEAN, as prototypes for a global government.

Any solution for current international political dilemmas and peace and development should be based on changes in domestic political systems to create a set of system of peaceful development under which the human race can function and prosper eternally under one world, making the whole world a global village linked by law and rationality. This section presents ten general and constitutional principles that will have a far-reaching impact on the structure of the system. It proposes a method for combining ancient and modern rules for permanent peace and development for all nations and a model for the great ideal of a common destiny for all humankind.

The 21st century will be a watershed that determines whether the future will bring democracy or autocracy, peace or the destruction of human beings, [Taiwan] is a lighthouse for human democracy and the democratic salvation of the 1.4 billion Chinese people. The barriers with China represented by language and culture are minimal. Therefore, [Taiwan] is the entity best suited to spur the CCP to accept democracy and urge China to lead the world to Global Unity. This guideline for permanent peace as the universal constitution follows various political threads through history and seeks to put an end to conflicts caused by various nationalist experienced by humankind.

One lesson learned from history is that when individuals, families and states are well run the whole kingdom will be tranquil and happy. If we pay attention to hardware only and ignore software, there will be blind spots and vacuums. The democratic countries should support [Taiwan’s] model of the Charter for Permanent Peace and compare the advantages and disadvantages of various constitutions to eliminate blind spots and fill in the vacuums. This will further attract the Chinese people to bravely strive for democratization and force Russia to adopt democracy as well, eventually leading to liberation of the people still suffering under 50 authoritarian regimes. This will quell civil unrest and end the threat of destructive and unpredictable nuclear war. To this end, the people of [Taiwan] and 2/3 of the world’s population living under the threat of authoritarianism, have nothing to lose but the chains and iron curtains as well as the violence and lies, that condemn them to second-class citizenship. They will suffer no loss, instead gradually transforming country-by-country to complete the unfinished great cause of the United Nations - the Great Democracy among human beings....more

Article 3  Human Rights under Unity


We begin by asking: Who is depriving us of our human dignity? Who is kidnapping our national sovereignty? Who is suppressing our way out in the world? Who is the enemy of our human rights and peaceful development? The answer is not someone else. It is rather our “own selves” [1]in the form of the party government supported by the hard-earned dollars of taxpayers. Secondly, it must be noted that peace is not judged by whether or not we are in a state of war; it must be understood from the perspective of human rights. Finally, we must declare that peace will only be achieved under the premise of ensured human rights, and there are universal constitutional standards to guarantee human rights standards.


The Charter for Permanent Peace / Universal Constitution for Human Beings / Strategic Constitution and Tactics Article 3 Human Rights under Unity- this is mainly intended to develop a standard set of universal human rights, including the inclusion of all human rights guarantees found around the world (see §3.2) in order to compile a “living law” (living constitution). This eschews the traditional approach of listing human rights to avoid redundancies, make up for lost time, and avert the need for constant constitutional amendments. Producing an outdated or rigid constitution will merely serve to undermine the seriousness of the Constitution.

The layout of this Constitution considers the endless development and changing times surrounding the drafting of a constitution. It divides universal core values and the national core organization into eight articles. Each item, paragraph and section can be extended indefinitely according to the needs of the times. This will not affect the rigor and elegance of the overall arrangement and can be clearly quoted, just like the Constitution of the United States, which has not changed for more than two hundred years. There are only 27 amendments so far, none of which has affected the protection of rights afforded the American people. .

The core aim of the Constitution is to protect the rights of the people and limit the powers of the government. The most important thing is the executive agency governing human rights under unity: the "Supra-National Human Rights Action and Citizenship Exercise Committee". Half of its members are of different nationalities and they are nominated by authoritative human rights institutions. It is indented to demonstrate the basic standards of permanent peace and human rights to the world, and to let the ideals of a common human destiny take root in [Taiwan]. To this end, [Taiwan] and the two-thirds of the world’s people living under the threat of authoritarianism have nothing to lose but their chains and iron curtains, and the violence and lies that confines them. They will suffer no loss, instead gaining the advantages of permanent peace in the holy land of human rights and the capital of the world....more

[1] According to classical liberalism, which of the following is/are the enemies of human rights? (A) military; (B) enterprise; (C) religion; (D) government. Answer: D (Political Science - 2011 Civil Service Special Examination for the Disabled (fourth grade).

Article 4  Rule of Law under Unity


"What is a law?" "Laws exist to ensure justice." If laws and justice only passively protect those who understand the law, why not let the law take the initiative to protect everyone? Since the law represents justice, why not let people use all laws in the world to compare levels of justice? Since the law is the lowest level of morality and the nation represents overall morality, why not let people compare laws to compare the morality of various nations? Since the law is a means of maintaining civilization and advancing civilization, why not let the law restrict the risk of destroying civilization posed by nuclear weapons? Who outlawed the direct protection of the people provided by international law? Who buried our values and wisdom in the rule of law? Who has suffocated us for seventy or eighty years with a vile constitution? Who denies us relief from long-term humiliation? The answer is not someone else. It is rather our “own selves” in the form of the party government supported by the hard-earned dollars of taxpayers.


The Charter for Permanent Peace / Universal Constitution for Human Beings / Strategic Constitution and Tactics Article 4 Rule of Law under Unity - this is mainly intended to address the importance of law and justice, to master the concepts of global justice and morality, and to promote civilization and peace. The State should adopt the principles of the Permanent Peace Partnership. For example, all human laws and regulations are included in the comparative database. Simply by keying in question keywords, relevant regulations from around the world appear at once, forming the prototype of One World under One Set of Laws and putting forth the necessary conditions for lasting peace.

This charter is based on the supra-national, national, sub-national and micro-national hierarchy as defined by the UN Global Governance Committee, and is presented as a new guide for the world in terms of natural law, peremptory norms, international law, and the laws of all nations. It is a response to a demand from humankind that has existed for more than two millennia: "The law must conform to all standards of nature, justice and morality as well as freedom, democracy, and human rights." This means crafting a set of permanent standards for a human-sustainable peace system. This "request" itself proves that this is a global-scale action that is worthy of our sacrifice: "A charter for permanent peace and all the truths in heaven and on earth," rather than simply a definition of peace system for the coming millennia.

In terms of policy, we must get past old ways of thinking by traditional leaders who worked to consolidate power to control the people, and strive instead to accept international law or the laws of other countries. It is up to the executive to make this choice by opting for a system with a feature for “+ addition laws”. The era of the global village calls for integration of laws from all legal systems world-wide, giving the people the right to choose, with the nation retaining the right of refusal. This will lead to continuous integration and introspection among human beings and the development of a system with the “- subtraction law” function. The ultimate result will be a set of universal laws incorporating the world’s best legal standards and devices.

As for behavior, we must emphasize rule of law instead of rule of man. Do not believe in the great jurists who compose to the "dictator's voice", the big entrepreneurs who acclaim for the "profit concession of the authoritarians", or the politician, medias and scholars who cheer for "the smile of the totalitarian" - they are the beneficiaries of the accomplice structure. Do not sell your soul and allow others to control your own body. Trust your eyes and hands, because none of the individuals, groups, or countries that you hear or see rank as high as the millennia of wisdom you hold in your hands. Put your trust in the wisdom.

The people of [Taiwan] and the 2/3 of the world’s population living under the threat of authoritarianism, have nothing to lose but the chains and iron curtains, as well as the violence and lies that condemn them to second-class citizenship. They will suffer no other loss, instead winning good fortune and prosperity in one fell swoop. Everyone will achieve self-actualization, living and working as a family and creating a long-term and long-lasting world for all humankind. All people will live under global law, with his/her personal dreams, national dreams and global dreams that will lead from one century to the next, reaching the eternal bliss of a nuclear-free civilization. The result will be lasting peace, ensuring that everyone lives in a world of truth....more