11. Comparison of the Constitutional Standard with the competing norms of legislative power in building a worldwide legal community of various countries

The Absolute Requirement of Eternal Peace §17—To improve the global governance system, the national or sub-national level has legislative power only where international law has not been enacted at the supranational level or established an equivalent living relationship in the global field, and it is felt that the norms of international law are necessary and the supranational has the legislative power.

CS Score Nation Score Reason
§17 100 India 0 Constitution §200
§17 100 U.S.A. 30 Constitution §10.1—States compete with federal legislation.
§17 100 Indonesia 0 Constitution §18.5
§17 100 Pakistan 30 Constitution §140A—Provinces should be delegated to local government to elect representatives in accordance with the law.
§17 100 Brazil 30 Constitution §24—Constitutional states compete with federal legislation.
§17 100 Nigeria 0 Constitution §60—The Parliament empowers local governments including taxation and other power in accordance with the law.
§17 100 Bangladesh 0 Constitution §11.5
§17 100 Russia 0 Constitution §15—Local self-government agencies, etc. abide by the Federal Constitution and laws.
§17 100 Mexico 0 Constitution §27.6
§17 100 Japan 60 Constitution §95—The Diet shall not enact local public bodies.
§17 100 Philippines 0 Constitution §17—The Constitution does not confer all powers on the autonomous region.
§17 100 Egypt 0 Constitution §181—Local council disputes are resolved by provincial councils.
§17 100 Ethiopia 60 Constitution §52—Powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved by the states.
§17 100 Vietnam 0 Constitution §112—Handling local issues is supervised by higher-level state organs.
§17 100 DR Congo 30 Constitution §3—The provinces are decentralized and managed by local authorities.
§17 100 Iran 0 Constitution §100
§17 100 Germany 60 Basic Law §72—States compete with federal legislation.
§17 100 Republic of Turkey 0 Constitution §7—Legislative power is vested in the Grand National Assembly, which cannot be delegated.
§17 100 France 90 Constitution §73
§17 100 Republic of Korea 60 Constitution §117—Formulating local self-government-related regulations within the scope of the law.
§17 100 Australia 30 Constitution §106-§109
§17 100 Taiwan 60 Constitution §112, §122

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1. The above scores are preliminary evaluation statistics and will be actuarially corrected in the future.

2. One of the necessary conditions for the world’s permanent peaceful development is: one earth and one set of common laws for the world’s pluralism. It is also one of the absolute requirements for the liberation of the last 56 autocratic shackles of mankind.