Incentives and Rewards for Co-Founders of the Permanent Peace Constitutional Standard

Rewards for amendments and improvements to the Permanent Peace Constitutional Standard (228 Charter): we seek peace-minded partners who can provide better universal values or correct shortcomings in the democratic system of any country or state, province, region, city, union republic, etc.

Incentives and Rewards for Co-Founders of the Permanent Peace Constitutional Standard 

1. Those who have changed the Constitutional Standard and examined the more than 300,000 important public problems and solutions inside and outside the country for decades, and provided other and better solutions, will be rewarded US$300 for each problem.

2. Those who amend the provisions of this Constitutional Standard to make them more perfect and more conducive to the development of permanent peace, shall be rewarded between US$300 and US$3,000 for each payment.

3. US$10,000 for each provision of a permanent peace proposal that is better than this current Constitutional Standard in lieu of 28 articles.

4. US$1,000,000 for anyone who offers a better or better alternative to the current world order than the 228 Charter.

5. Dispute resolution. The first and second items above will be resolved by public discussion on the Internet (except for robots), and the third and fourth items will be mainly based on decisions by Academia Sinisa or national universities or authoritative international think tanks. A total of one person shall be recommended (or appointed by the arbitration office of a court) to form an arbitration committee.

6. These regulations was announced in major newspapers and the official website of the Association during the past ten years. In order to meet the needs of the environment, they may be revised and announced.

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