Kingdom of Denmark Constitutional Interpretations

DATE No. Content
1.)11-08-2015104/2014 The employer had breached its obligation adjustment
2.)11-05-201514/2015 The Prosecutor's cross-appeal would not be limited to matters that were covered by Ts appeal
3.)11-03-2015256/2014 A lawyer could not be appointed or elected as a defender when the lawyer earlier in another case had been legal counsel for the aggrieved.
4.)11-02-2015219/2014 Late genindbringelse a remitted case could lead to the acquittal of the accused, but the delay influenced the sentencing
5.)11-02-2015110/2013 Authorities were not liable for the costs of networking radio network
6.)10-11-2015226/2014 Property concept in the Planning Act § 36 paragraph. 1, no. 3, should be understood as the cadastral defined property
7.)10-09-2015205/2014 Municipality's decision by a so-called "second player" was invalid and a subsequent valid decision had not retroactive
9.)10-06-2015104/2013 T. Hansen Gruppen A / S did not meet the conditions for repayment of the duties it had paid on imports of bicycles from Cambodia
10.)10-04-2015305/2013 MTPL presentation to the Board was a tacit acceptance of a provisional interruption of the limitation period The case concerned whether the limitation period for a claim brought by A against Aarhus Universitetvar obsolete after the then-Barring of 1908, when the limitation period was 5 years.
11.)17-08-2010164/2008 #VALUE!
12.)10-04-2015218/2013 The rent in a commercial lease could not be increased to market rent
13.)10-04-2015107/2013 The case concerned, inter alia, on Perfume Shop had violated Coty's trademark rights by selling 2 pcs. Davidoff eau de toilette.
14.)10-03-201517/2010 Sales and marketing of aluminum wheels violated BMW's design and trademark rights
15.)10-02-2015177/2013 Limitation period for a claimed compensation was not interrupted when the claimant had not been party to the visual and matter of opinion
16.)09-10-2015119/2015 The estimate for the appointed defender elevated
17.)09-09-201583/2014 Municipality sygedagpengeregreskrav against the insurance company was not outdated
18.)09-06-2015138/2013 A worker was not entitled to compensation when the employment relationship was rightly canceled. The worker had also not entitled to a refund.
19.)09-04-2015225/2014 Reef on the news report "Threat of revenge" should not be extradited
20.)09-03-2015198/2014 Name Ban on four terrorism-term claims rightly
21.)08-12-2015208/2015 Additional punishment reduced from imprisonment for 3 years and 6 months imprisonment for 3 years, 5 months and 18 days
22.)17-08-2010112/2010 #VALUE!
23.)08-12-2015179/2015 Determining the scope of the Judicial Code § 368 a
24.)08-12-2015140/2014 Not insurance coverage for legal liability
25.)08-10-201516/2015 There was not entitled to deduct a "termination fee" between group
26.)08-09-2015135/2015 Appellant with legal expenses insurance would not pay the court fee
27.)08-01-2015154/2014 The seizure of computer equipment and mobile phones etc. associated include Aller Media and a number of former employees at See & Hear justified
28.)07-10-201546/2015 Lawyer had no obligation to give evidence in the treatment of an estate
29.)07-08-201576/2014 Holiday Act starting point could be waived by agreement in the employment contract
30.)07-01-2015167/2013 The patent on a "pelt-board bag" for use in the production of leather was valid, and a competing manufacturer had violated it.
31.)07-01-2015161/2013 No basis for resumption of tax assessment relating to the sale of shares in 2008, when the law change had no impact on sales
32.)06-11-2015145/2015 Supreme Court Judge was not disqualified because of his previous work as a lawyer
33.)17-03-2010257/2007 Not standing in the case concerning the legality of the Danish participation in the Iraq war
34.)06-11-2015144/2014 A injunctive relief to protect a company's trade secrets was excessive and was repealed as not legally made. A seizure made under the injunction was therefore not legally made.
35.)06-10-201556/2015 Travel Reservations lifted in criminal proceedings in which the case was initially brought before the wrong court
36.)06-10-2015198/2013 Rent of private railway officials Hovedstadens Lokalbaner A / S to Lokalbanen A / S was VAT
37.)06-08-2015139/2015 Appeal limit of 20,000 kr. Regards fixed fee including VAT
38.)06-07-201543/2014 A would be as an employer reimburse the amounts associated with boxers occupational disease
39.)06-05-201510/2014 Financial Stability subsidiary would not pay interest under a loan agreement concluded by Amagerbanken
40.)05-11-2015155/2013 Reimbursement of costs for the Judicial Code § 336 for a completed appeal
41.)05-11-2015142/2015 Financial Stability should not be regarded as a public authority of the court fee legal sense in the context of the Financial Stability arrangements associated with some absolute guarantees, as the Financial Stability had committed different from a bank in the same situation would normally have predisposed.
42.)05-02-2015150/2014 Adoptive father was appointed as guardian for his adult son
43.)04-12-201567/2015 An injury that occurred during the police search of an apartment, could be treated under rules of strict liability, but the right to compensation fell as the person seeking compensation had even given rise to a search
44.)17-02-2010269/2009 Reaffirmation of the High Court decision on the name ban and open court in connection with a narkotikasag
45.)04-06-201569/2014 Discrimination against employees because of union membership was legal
46.)04-03-2015173/2014 Costs in the settled case
47.)04-03-2015172/2014 Costs in the settled case
48.)04-02-2015189/2013 No basis for compensation under the Equal Treatment Act or compensation for moral damages to a researcher who was dismissed during maternity leave, and if mails the company had undergone. By contrast, there was a basis for compensation for unfair dismissal.
49.)04-02-2015162/2014 Insolvent had acquired no right to seven mortgages, as the bankrupt company had sold to another company before the bankruptcy
50.)04-02-2015146/2013 The question of the understanding of "the collective agreement" by permission for commercial passenger transport in the form of public service traffic
51.)03-12-2015137/2015 Bearings were not exposed of the term, since the landlord's demand was invalid, and when the rental agreement Manager had lifted before the end of a demand limit
52.)03-12-2015136/2015 T's property could not be confiscated, but that could happen confiscation of 3.1 million. kr. at T
53.)03-11-2015255/2014 Proceedings against the employer for additional compensation for loss of earning capacity under the rules of civil liability law of accidents at work.
54.)03-11-2015113/2015 A skønsindstævnt should not pay Interlocutory appeal costs to estimate the client.
55.)16-09-2010436/2008 The use of particular word carnival constituted an infringement under the Trade Marks Act § 4, paragraph. 2
56.)03-07-201552/2015 6 months in prison for bomb threats to the holiday center Lalandia. Four months of the sentence made subject to a condition of community.
57.)03-07-2015228/2014 Rejected the request for a preliminary referring questions to the ECJ on the interpretation of business transfers Directive
58.)03-06-201530/2014 Statements about the journalist had been KGB agent and PET was found to be KGB agent, was criminal
59.)02-12-2015219/2015 A Moroccan citizen lawsuits against Immigration Board did not have suspensive effect
60.)02-11-2015226/2014 The Supreme Court has handed down two rulings on the admissibility of judges when they are alternates in a board
61.)02-07-201587/2015 Decision on remuneration of assigned counsel could not be appealed, as it awarded fees without additional compensation was less than 20,000 kr.
62.)02-07-2015176/2014 Costs aside in case concerning rent levels
63.)02-06-2015279/2012 Insurance paid by disabled aircraft had to be repaid, because the accident was due to gross negligence pilot error
64.)02-03-2015258/2014 Prison for 8 years for murder committed by someone under 18
65.)01-07-201512/2015 The Supreme Court rejected an prosecutions since the lawyer had appealed the decision, had not Supreme Court.
66.)16-08-2010108/2008 + 122/2009 The injured part time received compensation from that they could work full time
67.)31-10-201485/2013 Transfer of intellectual property rights - Bankruptcy
68.)31-01-201447/2012 #VALUE!
69.)31-01-2014221/2013 #VALUE!
70.)30-09-201470/2014 Resumption of proceedings on disability compensation A contracted in May 2005 in a traffic accident a whiplash injury. In April 2006, started A, which was unskilled, a night work full time to the normal wage for an unskilled worker. The work was not physically demanding. Topdanmark, there was liability insurer in the road traffic accident, completed in June 2006 the compensation proceedings and A were among others paid mengodtgørelse while he did not receive loss of earning capacity. As position was in May 2008 abolished. A had to give a more physically demanding job at the same company, and he had then in a period of about Six months a job full time as a driver. After he was dismissed from this job, it turned out that he was not able to get work on the normal labor with the health nuisance he had. A therefore sought the reopening demanding on disability compensation.
71.)30-06-201450/2014 Incorrect information on public spending did not give the buyer of a condo right to compensation or reparation
72.)30-06-2014303/2013 Eneanpartshavers and Director private use of Porsche led to increase in taxable income after prolonged equation deadline
73.)29-04-201442/2012 No reason to fault the tax authorities' statement of acquisition cost
74.)29-04-2014251/2012 A state civil servants for a municipal official in elementary school should be calculated on the basis of the total actual years of pensionable salary
75.)28-05-2014132/2012 Industrial duly reported as self-insured employer had knowledge of the industrial injury within one year deadline
76.)28-04-2014162/2012 The purchase price for the shares owned by the expelled Director holding company
77.)16-06-2010151/2007 Cooperation agreement was not signed or tacitly accepted
78.)27-11-20142/2014 The Supreme Court has decided to refer a question to the CJEU whether a conciliation agreement constitutes a contract in itself is tender liable if the initial contract has been troubled
79.)27-11-2014148/2013 Questions about the majority shareholder rebates for Capital Gains Tax Act by departure to Switzerland
80.)27-08-2014132/2014 Proceedings for calculating bonuses could be appealed to the Supreme Court
81.)27-05-201412/2014 Two children at the time of the father's application for return had residence in Denmark, and there was therefore no basis for restitution for child abduction Act
82.)27-03-201428/2014 A remnant punishment could not be included in the assessment of whether the expected punishment could justify detention for reasons of legal enforcement
83.)27-02-2014247/2013 Appointment of defender with limited travel reservation in a jury appeal regarding three attempted murders
84.)27-02-2014231/2013 The company ROJ TV A / S, who was found guilty of having facilitated terrorist activity, was disqualified from broadcast TV
85.)27-02-2014186/2013 Lawyer who was appointed with travel reservations, could not subsequently recover fees for travel time and transport allowance
86.)27-01-201485/2012 #VALUE!
87.)26-11-2014248/2012 Not entitled to compensation for salary during a notice period during unpaid parental leave
88.)15-11-2010229/2010 Four months in prison for possession of firearms in the residence under aggravating circumstances
89.)26-08-2014320/2012 A stapled of mineral oil and carbon dioxide tax
90.)26-08-2014308/2013 Danish national who was extradited for prosecution in the United States, had no claim is-replacement as a result of the US criminal case was dismissed due. Obsolescence
91.)26-06-201466/2014 6 months in prison for violation of Arms Act of possession of firearms in the residence
92.)26-06-2014309/2012 No reason to fault the tax authorities' statement of acquisition cost
93.)25-11-2014155/2014 Appointment of defending the travel conditions in case of violence and traffic offenses
94.)25-09-201472/2013 The buyer could cancel the purchase of a dog suffering from a major shortage and the shortage should be considered to have existed at the time of passing of risk
95.)25-09-2014357/2012 Rejecting claims by the courts, which by agreement would be decided by a dismissal board
96.)25-04-201458/2014 Action for rescission of a license could not be appealed to the Supreme Court
97.)25-04-2014230/2012 Landlord could make rent increase due to the increase in tariffs for water tax
98.)25-03-2014291/2013 Not legal basis for imposing three parking charges for the same violation of parking rules
99.)15-11-2010228/2010 1 year in prison for possession of firearms in the residence with particular aggravating circumstances
100.)25-03-2014262/2013 An application sent to the wrong court cut off date for legal action
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