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It is easy to donate to build a church,
but donations for the establishment of a system for generations to pursue permanent peaceful development are often regarded as naive and fantasy!
The world feels that building a church is more practical.The organisation was established to promote permanent and peaceful development for the larger cause of humanity. Since the establishment of the organisation, it had work relentlessly to promote and achieve permanent peace. It maintain one of the largest data base of various laws and continues to launch various campaign for the same. The organisation also publishes daily news about various international affairs and provide solution for the same. The organisation spent more than 300 million Taiwanese dollars in pursuit of permanent peaceful development.
In the past 50 years of promoting permanent peaceful development, the organisation have not raised funds from anyone, including the last representative of the National Assembly Deputy and three terms of the National Congress elections candidates.
Now that we have depleted our resources, we need all the help we can get to continue work for the promotion of the concept of permanent and peaceful development.
Therefore, we are looking for any your kind support to continue our goodwill work for the greater humanity and peaceful world.
We have a website with selected daily national news and solutions according to our charter and comparisons of global regulations.
Permanent Peace is one of basic human rights and matters—to everyone, both now and the future.
Without permanent peace, no matter how majestic a church is, it will be soulless.

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Peace must be permanent, otherwise it will only be a ceasefire and truce.
"The Permanent Peace Partnership" believes in permanent peaceable-ism. We offer the Permanent Peace Charter. We follow the belief of One Solar System, One Legal System,
A peaceful system that can operate independently and permanently in any national or sub-national government,
Our model of global constitutional standards acts to prevent totalitarianism from becoming the main world governing system.
We sincerely look forward to your support and participation, we hope to work together in pursue of Permanent Peace!
Please donate to our permanent peace development program because permanent peace can not wait. Your support is vital in enabling us to fulfill our mission to share the permanent peace vision with the world.

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