United States of America Constitutional Interpretations

DATE No. Content
1.)1962Shotwell Mfg. Company v. United States
2.)1962State Tax Commission of Utah v. Pacific State Cast Iron Pipe Company
3.)1962General Drivers, Warehousemen & Helpers, Local Union No. 89 v. Riss & Company, Inc.
4.)1962Paul v. United States
5.)1962Ioannou v. New York
6.)1962Randolph v. Virginia
7.)1962Wetzel v. Ohio
8.)1962Draper v. Washington
9.)1962Sanders v. United States
10.)1962Goss v. Board of Education of Knoxville, Tennessee
11.)1955Reece v. Georgia
12.)1962Gutierrez v. Waterman Steamship Corporation
13.)1962Pan American World Airways, Inc. v. United States
14.)1962Lopez v. United States (1) Did the IRS agent’s actions toward the petitioner constitute entrapment? (2) Was the use of the wire recording of a conversation between the petitioner and the IRS agent as evidence a violation of the Fourth Amendment?
15.)1962Maximov v. United States
16.)1962Rosenberg v. Fleuti
17.)1962Schneider v. Rusk
18.)1962Burlington Truck Lines, Inc. v. United States
19.)1962Lane v. Brown
20.)1962National labor Relations Board v. Erie Resistor Corporation
21.)1962Dixilyn Drilling Corporation v. Crescent Towing & Salvage Company
22.)1955Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Company v. Union Pacific Railroad Company
23.)1962Whipple v. Commissioner
24.)1962Dugan v. Rank
25.)1962Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and Station Employees v. Allen
26.)1962Sperry v. Florida ex rel. Florida Bar
27.)1962Incres Steamship Company, Ltd. v. International Maritime Workers Union
28.)1962Boesche v. Udall
29.)1962Marchese v. United States
30.)1962Retail Clerks International Association, Local 1625, AFL-CIO v. Schermerhorn
31.)1962Hewitt-Robins, Incorporated v. Eastern Freight-Ways, Inc.
32.)1962Ex parte George
33.)1955Mississippi v. Louisiana
34.)1962Los Angeles Meat & Provision Drivers Union v. United States
35.)1962Gastelum-Quinones v. Kennedy
36.)1962Head v. New Mexico Board of Examiners in Optometry
37.)1962Fields v. South Carolina
38.)1962Gilbertville Trucking Company, Inc. v. United States
39.)1962Moseley v. Electronic & Missile Facilities, Inc.
40.)1962National Labor Relations Board v. General Motors Corporation
41.)1962United States v. Pioneer American Insurance Company
42.)1962Foman v. Davis
43.)1962Shenker v. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
44.)1955Doud v. Hodge
45.)1962United States v. Lowe's Incorporated
46.)1962Watson v. City of Memphis
47.)1962Arrow Transportation Company v. Southern Railway Company
48.)1962Harris Truck Lines, Inc. v. Cherry Meat Packers, Inc.
49.)1962United States v. Singer Manufacturing Company
50.)1962Florida Lime & Avocado Growers, Inc. v. Paul Was the California law prohibiting the sale or transportation of certain avocados within its borders constitutionally valid?
51.)1962Southern Construction Company v. Pickard
52.)1962Fitzgerald v. United States Lines Company
53.)1962United States v. Muniz
54.)1962Braunstein v. Commissioner
55.)1955Squire v. Capoeman
56.)1962Federal Power Commission v. Tennessee Gas Transmission Company Can the Federal Power Commission order a rates reduction and refund without determining how such a reduction would affect costs in different service zones?
57.)1962McNeese v. Board of Ed. for Community Unit School Dist. 187 Did the district court err in dismissing the case because petitioners did not exhaust state remedies before filing suit?
58.)1962Local No. 207, International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers Union v. Perko
59.)1962Downum v. United States
60.)1962Brady v. Maryland (1) Did the prosecution’s suppression of Boblit’s confession deny Brady due process? (2) Was the Maryland Court of Appeals wrong to remand only on the question of punishment?
61.)1962Andrews v. United States
62.)1962Wheeldin v. Wheeler
63.)1962Arlan's Department Store of Louisville, Inc. v. Kentucky
64.)1962United States v. Braverman
65.)1962Reed v. The Yaka
66.)1955Wisconsin v. Tennessee
67.)1962City of Fresno v. California
68.)1962Bush v. Texas
69.)1962Basham v. Pennsylvania Railroad Company
70.)1962Norvell v. Illinois
71.)1962Best v. Humboldt Placer Mining Company Did the district court act within its discretion when it refused to judge Respondent's claim until there was an administrative determination on the claim's validity?
72.)1962Sherbert v. Verner Did the denial of unemployment compensation violate the First and Fourteenth Amendments?
73.)1962Riddell v. Monolith Portland Cement Company
74.)1962United States v. Carlo Bianchi & Company, Inc.
75.)1962Ker v. California
76.)1962White Motor Company v. United States
77.)1955Shields v. Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company
78.)1962Local 100, United Association of Journeymen & Apprentices v. Borden
79.)1962Michigan National Bank v. Robertson
80.)1962Federal Trade Commission v. Sun Oil Company
81.)1962Cleary v. Bolger
82.)1962Lombard v. Louisiana
83.)1962Simler v. Conner
84.)1962Griffin v. Maryland Did ordering five Negro patrons to leave a private amusement park, and arresting them for criminal trespass when they refused, violate their right to equal protection under the Fourteenth Amendment?
85.)1962White v. Maryland
86.)1962Division 1287, Amalgamated Association of Street, Electric Railway & Motor Coach Employees of America v. Missouri
87.)1962Machinists v. Central Airlines, Inc.
88.)1955Remmer v. United States
89.)1962Northern Natural Gas Company v. State Corporation Commission of Kansas
90.)1962Ford v. Ford
91.)1962Rideau v. Louisiana
92.)1962Campbell v. United States
93.)1962Weyerhaeuser Steamship Company v. United States
94.)1962Gober v. Birmingham
95.)1962Smith v. Mississippi
96.)1962Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham
97.)1962Wright v. Georgia
98.)1962United States v. Sampson
99.)1955Frozen Food Exp. v. United States
100.)1962Harrison v. Missouri Pacific Railroad Company
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