Republic of Finland Constitutional Interpretations

DATE No. Content
1.)24.10.1984S84/793 Room Rental - Loss of Rental Law
2.)17.10.1984S84/647 bankruptcy Supervision
3.)17.10.1984S84/526 Contracts of Employment Period of Jurisdiction
4.)16.10.1984S84/717 Tenancy Act - the state-subsidized house - rent overpayment restoration
5.)15.10.1984H84/369 Bankruptcy - A receivable condemnation of payment of the bankruptcy judgment Privilege - the demolition of another type of solution - a wage claim the privilege of Demolition
6.)15.10.1984R84/436 Medium beer Law - Licensed
7.)15.10.1984R84/272 More lenient law principle of reformatio in pejus Child Welfare
8.)11.10.1984S84/266 Bankruptcy - Recovery of the estate - KS § 46 of the d-point guarantee - guarantor's right of recourse
9.)10.10.1984VA84/192 Accidents Act - an industrial accident caused by a new injury
10.)9.10.1984S84/340 The condominium - consideration to be paid to the Company and other payments Corporation - criticized the decision of the Annual General Meeting
11.)19.3.1980R78/971 § Employment Contracts Act TSL 27, subsection 2 of the Interpretation
12.)8.10.1984S84/169 Damages - Liability resulting from the contractual relationship A. VI. Miscellaneous agreements Tort Liability Act - the scope of Act I. - II. Tortfeasor liability (2.luku)
13.)8.10.1984R84/328 Confidentiality for damages - the damage to be replaced
14.)5.10.1984S84/527 Distribution of an inheritance Marriage Act - XXIV of the distribution of matrimonial property
15.)5.10.1984S84/273 Ulosottolaki IX Proprietary distrained assets on trial
16.)5.10.1984S84/551 Reserved portion of estate
17.)1.10.1984M83/51 Jakolaki - accretion division
18.)1.10.1984S84/287 Contracts of Employment Employee - TSL 42 a § interpretation
19.)27.9.1984S84/609 Ulosottolaki VIII Garnishment - § Century May 4 UL's interpretation
20.)26.9.1984S84/596 Employment Contracts - Termination of the contract of employment Recording
21.)26.9.1984R84/503 The indictment Limitation of Appeals - Appeal judgment, reasoning
22.)18.3.1980R78/179 The insurance contract Legal expenses insurance-related home insurance policy conditions specific legal expenses insurance, the interpretation of paragraph 13
23.)26.9.1984R84/502 Suspended penalty racketeering tightening
24.)26.9.1984S84/515 Contract of employment - remuneration for work done - established practice, the importance of employment as a condition
25.)25.9.1984S84/754 Real estate transactions - purchase price - purchase price payment obligation Interest
26.)25.9.1984M84/0 General Tietoimitus road
27.)24.9.1984M80/117 Jakolaki - distribution replenishment Island
28.)24.9.1984S84/550 Insurance Contracts - an interpretation of insurance terms - Protection Help
29.)21.9.1984M84/62 Justifying the judgment of story Restore Restoration of a procedural defect
30.)20.9.1984S84/220 Aland damages - Road manager's responsibility
31.)20.9.1984S84/154 Guardianship Services Act - VI of the guardian and the ward of legal actions in the gift - filling the donation
32.)19.9.1984S84/481 Bankruptcy - Recovery of the estate - KS § 46 of the b- and g-point
33.)17.3.1980V78/71 Real estate Fixing Fixing operating entitled Land lease
34.)17.9.1984H84/356 Restoring the deadline - Bankruptcy
35.)17.9.1984S84/578 Voting in court
36.)17.9.1984S84/579 Free trial
37.)11.9.1984VE83/8 Measuring Water Act penalty
38.)7.9.1984R83/824 Maintenance support Elatusturvarikos child maintenance
39.)6.9.1984S84/376 The mark - Trade marks mixability
40.)5.9.1984S84/319 Property Shop - Shop the Private Condition - Maintenance
41.)5.9.1984S84/50 Business name - miscibility business name - business name is misleading
42.)30.8.1984S84/590 Guardianship Services Act - The trustee
43.)29.8.1984R84/327 The financial penalty - a fine obsolescence
44.)17.3.1980M77/152 City planning division of Regions Law stakeout Building Act densely populated
45.)29.8.1984M82/185, M 84/45 Jakolaki - the dissolution of the National Land Survey Delivery
46.)29.8.1984R84/437 Road traffic - Traffic hazard - Give way - (TieliikenneL § 14)
47.)27.8.1984S84/360 The consumer Protection Act
48.)23.8.1984S84/382 Employment contract - Jurisdiction of the Court of Edullisemmuussääntö Liquidated damages
49.)23.8.1984M80/24 Jakolaki - Procedure
50.)15.8.1984S84/381 Reserved portion of estate - Legal Supplement Part Property Management Trade - Owner Management
51.)8.8.1984M80/31 General road - private roads arrangement
52.)7.8.1984VA82/495 The employee's accident compensation - business travelers - due to episodes of dizziness damage
53.)7.8.1984S84/318 Price reduction
54.)2.8.1984M84/74 the Private
55.)11.3.1980Vak 77/236 Of workers' compensation insurance Voluntary insurance contract interpretation of insurance terms
56.)1.8.1984S84/300 Distribution of an inheritance estate administrator
57.)31.7.1984H84/307 Demolition - Right to apply for dissolution of the penalty judgment
58.)26.7.1984S84/158 Insurance Contracts - Policyholder's obligation to disclose information
59.)26.7.1984S83/615 Permission to real estate Construction of way
60.)24.7.1984M84/57 Redemption Act - Overview of Compensation
61.)24.7.1984M84/11 Redemption Act - Reimbursement of expenses Advocacy
62.)17.7.1984S83/1178 procedure
63.)10.7.1984S84/395 Bankruptcy - A legal obstacle to the control of assets
64.)10.7.1984R84/450 Failure to condemn the punishment Uniform Crime
65.)5.7.1984S84/250 Bankruptcy - Monitored getting Companies - Increase of share capital
66.)3.3.1980R78/116 Employment contract Terminating an employment contract Probationary period
67.)4.7.1984H84/260 Demolition - demolition II, or correction of a sentence
68.)3.7.1984S83/929 Limitation receivable - The general limitation period
69.)26.6.1984R82/734 Safety Representatives termination of infringement would Damages
70.)26.6.1984S84/221 The business transfer TSL 40 § 2 mom's interpretation
71.)26.6.1984S84/484 Compensation for damage - damage caused by the product manufacturer's responsibility
72.)26.6.1984R83/828 Eavesdropping Plaintiff - Who is the owner's right to
73.)20.6.1984S80/165/78 The Marriage Act - spouses of movable assets and liabilities of the trade - the payment of non-contractual liability ordered goods
74.)19.6.1984S83/199 Retention of title Ulosottolaki - Garnishment
75.)19.6.1984S84/137 The insurance contract - Attempted suicide - the interpretation of insurance terms - willfully caused the insurance event
76.)15.6.1984S84/272 Bankruptcy - The creditors Marriage Act - distribution of matrimonial property
77.)3.3.1980R78/131 Employment contract employment contract Termination of
78.)13.6.1984S84/370 Jurisdiction - The General Court or the Labor Court
79.)12.6.1984S84/37 Room Rental - Room rent increase - Arava
80.)7.6.1984M82/170 Redemption Act for damages - Causal link
81.)7.6.1984S84/297 § As the Companies Act 10 - The condominium-based indication of the obligation to repair
82.)7.6.1984S84/352 The Marriage Act - a gift between spouses
83.)5.6.1984S84/225 Judge
84.)5.6.1984M83/21 Expropriation Compensation
85.)5.6.1984S84/134 Tort Liability Act - Employee liability
86.)5.6.1984M83/46 Property Shop - For two transfer Jakolaki - stakeout - Common area
87.)5.6.1984S84/149 The condominium - a housing company share pledge - pledge qualification Saantosuoja
88.)29.2.1980Vak 77/67 § Accidents Act TVL 41, subsection 3.
89.)4.6.1984R84/143 Free trial
90.)1.6.1984S84/191 Ulosottolaki - Garnishment spouses property foreclosure
91.)30.5.1984VA83/302 Of workers' compensation - Employee
92.)30.5.1984R83/817 Tax fraud indictment Limitation
93.)30.5.1984S83/536 Standing to the Seamen's Law Enforcement - Seizure
94.)29.5.1984S84/125 Traffic Injury - the damage to be replaced
95.)29.5.1984R83/802 The action - Procedure
96.)29.5.1984S83/607 Permission to real estate commercial real estate - Other than commercial terms and conditions of the purchase price and the mortgage liability on
97.)28.5.1984S83/1221 Legal action - Annulment of the transaction. § 33 OikTL
98.)22.5.1984S83/1195 Mandate - Trial Attorney General liability for damages Index
99.)29.2.1980A79/393 Conditional Discharge penalty
100.)22.5.1984S84/67 Corporation - Redemption of shares - Redemption Procedure
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