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Dear Permanent Peace Supporters:

In light of the fact that development of devastating secret weapons is accelerating around the world, with everything from atom, laser, railgun to viruses being weaponized, every place from the deep sea to outer space is now a potential battlefield. Once accidental factors kick in, everything will become ashes and civilization will be destroyed. Now only the outbreak of COVID-19 has victimized nearly 100 million people, proving that humanity urgently needs a set of universal (multiple/common) laws that are beneficial and harmless for all to transform the human system in order to thoroughly clean out everything and achieve peace.

In order to promote permanent peace, the "Permanent Peace Partners (PPP)" has integrated the legal wisdom accumulated by mankind over the millennia, including global laws and regulations, 28 U.S. nation-building principles and international authoritative world peace proclamations... using comparison of scientific methods, analysis, statistics and induction, to propose a super-constitutional draft of the Asian "Charter for Permanent Peace." Before it is too late, and without invoking any country’s name or territorial disputes or international recognition of the "one China principle", we would add the "Peace Clause" to Taiwan's current constitution to end civil unrest, foreign aggression and ubiquitous global warfare. From the perspective of strategic cost-benefit, supporting Taiwan’s model for a permanent peace charter offers the best effect, the longest timeliness, the lowest cost, the lowest risk, and the greatest benefit... An excerpt follows:

1. Common law for humanity's permanent peace: (1) International law forms a part of the national constitution and is superior to the constitution, with directly impact on the rights and duties of people and the government. (2) All nations and all laws form a part of domestic laws, and t people can compare their universal values and choose the most suitable according to law. (3) National governments shall not violate international law on the grounds that it conflicts with national conditions, or has not been signed, or violates domestic law.

2. A community for sustainable development of the earth. According to the United Nations Commission on Global Governance, nations are positioned as (1) supranational level (2) national level (3) subnational level. This charter applies to all levels of the United Nations approach, with concurrent legislative powers where laws have not been enacted by supranational organizations; concurrent administrative powers—when performing tasks for the United Nations or other supranational organizations, the domestic government is an empowered agency for international organizations.

3. The United Nations and other countries are based on "people." Human rights take precedence over sovereignty: (1) Sovereignty belongs to all taxpayers, and political parties cannot negotiate, trade, occupy or give it up. (2) The constitutional right is an a priori right of human rights which is higher than the constitution, lies with the people, cannot be transferred, and cannot be farmed out. (3) Human rights issues are a global internal affair. Half of the members of the National Human Rights Action and Citizenship Exercise Committee are appointed by international human rights organizations.

4. The government is separate from the media. The media are public tools for upholding justice and supervising the government: (1) The government and the media are both owned by the people—governed by the people—shared by the people, and banned from ownership by the party—governing by the party—sharing by the party. (2) At least six major political parties have exclusive communication channels. (3) One hour a week on TV and one message a day on the internet is offered free to political candidates who have a duty to broadcast messages to the public to read and listen to. (4) Any infringements or ‘fake news’ shall be promptly cut off and violators referred to a court within 24 hours.

5. Judicial justice-shall be responsive to requests. The heads of the prosecution and trial departments are elected individually each year; half of all justices come from the six continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Oceania). In case of unconstitutional actions or violations of international law, if there is no remedy, everyone in the world has the right to resist.

The above items all cover the Eastern values of one world family, and any of them can allow the Chinese people to peacefully evolve the CCP and promote confederation or federalism. Our plea: NGOs must not wait until tomorrow to contribute their wisdom and come forward to support the people of Taiwan (the current government cannot be bothered to act). The lesson of Hong Kong is this: If you do not come forward today, you will not come forward tomorrow. Your support will have a chain reaction effect and cause policy diffusion. Based on the principles of geography, language, culture and international law, this will naturally attract the Chinese people to bravely follow, and then further spread to Russia. "People of Taiwan and China. You have nothing to lose but your iron curtains, chains, violence and lies!" But will rather live and work in peace, free from fear and enjoying the universal values of human unity.


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