2019 Human Rights Campaign: Working with Visiting Scholars who escaped from China

Associate Scholar:

Dr. Tseng Chien-yuan

Scholars from China:

Dr. Yan Ke-fen & Mr. Liu Xin Lian


February 1st, 2019


Permanent Peace Partnership Taiwan


Who says freedom has no price? 64-year-old Liu Xin-lian and 44-year-old Yan Ke-fen, on September 27, 2018, in pursuit of freedom and democracy under the persecution of the CCP, forced to escape from Thailand as a refugee. They wanted to stay in Thailand but found that the CCP is in the dark, and they will be sent back to their totalitarian country. In horror, they flew from Thailand to Taipei to seek refuge in Taiwan. The two stayed in the Taoyuan International Airport Control Zone for more than four months.

The Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan recently stated that it will arrange for Liu Xin-lian and Yan Ke-fen to leave the country to a third country, and then the iNGO Permanent Peace Partnership will assist in the entry as professional exchanges and help the two to begin to enjoy a free and democratic life. At present, the professional research team of the iNGO Permanent Peace Partnership has started academic exchanges and drafted future research projects with a view to working together to promote the practice of permanent peace and achieve the ideal of humanity.

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