Permanent Peace Partnership (PPP)
Our address:Rm. A, 9F., No.15-8, Sec. 5, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan

  • Permanent Peace Partnership, PPP

    PPP is a legally established non-profit social group established to foster permanent peace and development for humankind; to achieve human justice; to improve resource allocation and create a more humane living environment; and to formulate a better approach to nature and promote the interests of humanity. This includes promotion of rule of law, peace and development, and enriching the dignity, value and meaning of life.

     The establishment of PPP, with its goal of pursuing permanent peace and development, means the tasks facing PPP are as follows:

    1. Reform the lifestyles of talented people - to help disadvantaged groups through life relief and establish public morality for the people.

    2. Deliver a new message to all nations under heaven – offer assistance to disadvantaged families and those with physical and mental disabilities, and develop a code of morality for society.

    3. Help spread human legitimacy - support relief for the unemployed for the sake of humanity.

    4. Expound the justice of heavenly principles - eradicate the causes of the need for relief by building enterprises for the nation and bringing love to the world, enacting the laws of heaven and humankind, and spreading peace throughout the world.

    5. Publish International Laws and Regulations, a Global Constitution, a Codex of Legal Books, Global Civil and Criminal Codes, etc., and other universal standards related to people's lives.

    6. Publish information about life and survival, with solutions to common problems.

    7. Carry out other social welfare activities in accordance with the purposes of this association.

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