1. Purpose

Considering that humanity is the master of the country and the earth and that the individual is the ultimate direct subject of the constitution and international law. Founder Chien-ming HUANG established the Permanent Peace Development Association (PPP) in 1971.

2. Objectives

Reform the universal deficiencies of democracy, end civil disturbance, and treason, and establish a "Constitutional Standards Model Law" that is vertically implemented and horizontally consistent around the world with "democracy and eternal peace "at the core.

3. Tasks

Achieving self-peace will benefit everyone in the world: (1) the great development of human freedom, (2) the great rejuvenation of world democracy, (3) the great unity of human rights in the world, (4) the great realization of the rule of law in the world, (5) the great competition and cooperation of world legislation, (6)  the greatness of world administration in division of labor, (7) the great compliance with world regulations, (8) the great establishment of the world justice.

4. Organization

Dr. Chou-seng TOU, Chairman of the Association (former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, ROC (Taiwan)). "Branches: (1) Permanent Peace Partners World Association, (2) Asia Pacific Alliance for Permanent Peace." More than ten chapters established in Asia, Europe, America and Oceania. Dr. Coen Blaauw, CEO of the Association in the U.S. (the CEO of the Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA)). Mr. Tenzin Phuntsok, the consultant in Australia.

5. Verification

Select important news issues in a country to verify the validity of the Eternal Peace Constitutional Standards. Hundreds of thousands of news items and solutions have been accumulated.

6. Database

Global law comparison database: including international law, various laws (criminal law, civil law, and administrative law) of various countries in the world, scriptures of various religions, global constitutions, global state, provincial, and municipal constitutions are compared with each other, and all are compared with this Constitutional Standard Finished. 

7. Activities

The Association has held academic seminars and various activities constantly at home and abroad over the past decades. For details, please refer to our official website:  https://lawlove.org/en/other/activity-list

8. Amendment

Call for co-drafters of the Constitutional Standards. Reward to formulate more wise international order norms, design one clause that will give a bonus of NT$100,000, and a complete set of practices of law will give a bonus of NT$10 million. For details of Regulations of Reward, refer to:https://lawlove.org/en/rewards

9. Contacts

Dr. I Chheng, iunn Email: chang1975@lawlove.org