We are for "the great renaissance of democracy and the rule of law, deepening the idea that everyone is the master of the earth, to ensure that the individual is the ultimate subject of international law, and achieve permanent peace".For this reason, the Permanent Peace Development Association (formerly known as "Law Love Organization", hereinafter referred to as “PPP”) was founded 50 years ago by Mr. Chien-ming Huang (born in 1942).

1. Our purpose

The Permanent Peace and Development Association is a non-profit social organization established in accordance with the law, for the purpose of establishing Constitutional Standards (Draft) for "Permanent Peace for humanity" and "sustainable development of the earth", as in the foreword.

2. Our organization

Chairman: Mr. Chou-seng Tou (Former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Our association consists of 1. The headquarters of the Permanent Peace Partnership (PPP); and 2. The Asia-Pacific Permanent Peace Alliance (APPA). There are more than ten branches of the headquarters of the PPP in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania. Further details are not available in this document.

3. Our mission

(1) Create a“Constitutional Standards”applicable to all levels of supranational, national and sub-nationalgovernments in the UN’sGlobal Governance, providing a sacred motivational blueprint for the last wave of global democratization.

(2) Advocacy: Create one set of laws for one solar system by integrating all laws of all nations becoming a part of national laws of our country, allowing people to use their cell phones to choose these laws best suited to their needs according to law and become a savior of peace in seconds; refer to the PPP website.

(3)From the natural law and natural human rights to the eternal law of permanent peace, we provide solutions to test theConstitutional Standardson a country’s important issues, with hundreds of thousands of important news items to attest their effect. For more, refer to the PPP website

(4) Taiwanserves as a model for the Constitutional Standards. The leaders of the great powers will hear the voice of the people and see who is willing to lead in using the constitution to ensure international law overrides national laws, directly creating rights and duties for the people.

(5)In order to complete the Constitutional Standards, providing reasonable and effective replaceable clauses of permanent peace, please refer to PPP website’s incentives.

4. Activities of the PPP: Please refer to https://reurl.cc/l5qlad

5. Permanent Peace and Development Association Official Website: https://lawlove.org/en